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CPA Series Luminaire
  1. High performance, most cost-effffective LED canopy fifixture in the market. 

  2. High lumen per watt, tremendous flflexibilities in how you light your site. 

  3. Lumens availability can be up to 23,000 lumens 

  4. Better and reasonable light distribution, more illumination on your dispensers. 


Rating and Certificates

Marking Atex
II2 G Ex eb op is IIC T5/T6 GC
II2 D Ex op is tb IIIC T80° C Db
Marking IECEX
Ex eb op is IIC T5/T6 GC
Ex op is tb IIIC T80° C Db
UL Marking
UL1598, UL8750
Other Rating
IP 66


Typical model 

Product ID Wattage CCT Lumens Voltage CRI Warranty
EX-20W CPAYZDA 20W 2700K-6500K 2400




5 Years

EX-40W CPAYZDA 40W 4800
EX-60W CPAYZDA 60W 7200
EX-80W CPAYZDA 80W 9600
 EX-100W CPAYZDA 100W 12000
 EX-120W CPAYZDA 120W 14400
 EX-150W CPAYZDA 150W 18000