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Plants rely on the energy of light for photosynthesis to grow, bloom and bear fruit. However, due to the ever-changing climate and light variation in nature, plants often can not fully absorb the photosynthetic nutrition they need in different growth periods, which brings disadvantages to their growth, especially in the seedling stage. 

Venas' grow light has the following advantages:

1. Rich wavelength types, just in line with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphology.

The width of spectral wave is half wide and narrow, which can be combined to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum according to user's requirement. 

3. It can focus the light of specific wavelength to irradiate the crops evenly.

4. Not only can it regulate the flowering and fruiting of crops, but also can be used in multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system to realize low heat load and miniaturization of production space. 

5. Its strong durability helps to reduce the operation cost.

Because of these remarkable characteristics, Venas’ grow lights are very suitable for plant cultivation in controllable facilities, such as plant tissue culture, protected horticulture, factory seedling cultivation, aerospace ecological life and conservation system, etc.
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