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Mining Applications

Mining work is usually carried out in open or underground stops. The unpredictable and unstable working environment of mining is determined by the changeable climate, and it is particularly vulnerable to vibration, impact, dust, or corrosion conditions. Therefore, the general mining working conditions are tough with poor safety, and it is not easy to realize comprehensive mechanization and automation. Consequently, the lighting tools need to have high corrosion resistance, stability, high standard brightness, and lighting time, which can cope with the dark and unfathomable underground environments. 


Regardless of the conditions, Venas' lights can perform well in the mining industry to light up the operation site, delivering the amount of light that is needed in the location for job efficiency and miner protection, whether it's at nighttime or in perpetual night.

We have an advanced LED cap lamp type which consists of an LED illuminator and lithium battery, with 1pc Cree LED as the middle light and 2pc as an auxiliary light. It offers 25000lux super brightness with 25000lux output. A low power indication is designed to remind the user to recharge it when the power is not enough. Besides, it adopts a rechargeable Li-ion battery and advanced LED technology with bulletproof PC housing and toughened glass lens. It takes an all-in-one structure, so it is more convenient to use. In addition, it has an IP68 rating for waterproof performance and an anti-corrosion grade of WF2 for high corrosion resistance. It also has ATEX and CE certified. And the light weight of 220g makes it easy to carry.

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